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My Story

My father and grandfather instilled values in me from an early age that left a lasting impression. Values like attention to detail, appreciation of beauty, and the ingenuity to create something from nothing.

In 1997, I began working full time with a remodel/cabinetmaker and shortly thereafter began an apprenticeship with a small reproduction furniture and cabinet making company.

While in this position, I accepted an opportunity that led me to New England to manage a beautiful reproduction furniture store set in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. Intending to fabricate furniture and cabinetry for the store, I soon came to realize that managing the business, purchasing and sales, would monopolize my time leaving very little time to pursue what had now become my passion.

In 2000, I left to focus on building traditional-inspired furniture and cabinetry, while purchasing an 1813 colonial home in the Historic Gilmanton Four Corners. It was there that I started a full scale restoration of the property and opened Eisenmann Woodworking in the barn with my wife Danielle and our two young children, Michael and Annabelle.